First comes Pcomp, then comes ICM, now they’re married

I was one of the unfortunate ones who missed synthesis because I was officiating my best friend’s wedding. But here I was once again marrying two things: pcomp and ICM.

Code for p5 can be found here:

From my last post tagged ICM, I talked about Jamie XX and how it’s been therapeutic music to listen to while I work. I wanted to keep things simple for this and I replicated the image of his Colour album in p5. Using constructors, objects, and arrays this time, I was able to come up with a working sketch.

Afterwards, I thought about hooking this up to the synthesis lab with a simple potentiometer. After a few tweaks in the code and the mapping, I could something workable. I even took the liberty of overlaying a snippet of the Jamie XX song “Sleep Sound” for the video.

Visualizing Sleep Sound by Jamie XX

I’ve been terrible at blogging lately. Partly it’s because I’m trying to wrap around my head on what I want to build here at ITP. Though one constant thing in my workflow has always been music. I’m embarrassed to say this, but I can listen to one song over and over. I find it therapeutic. One song in particular has been this track by Jamie XX.

After a few listens, I thought about how Jamie XX’s music has so many layers and a lot of texture to it’s production. Inspired by this I began to just try and code his album cover in P5:

What’s great about this exercise is that I’m slowly piecing together everything I’m learning (i.e. objects, constructor functions, color, etc). Right now I’m taking baby steps and coded these shapes literally. With help from Stephanie Koltun, I’ve decided to slowly build this project out with more interaction and maybe even hook it up to a pcomp project.

Stay tuned.

ICM — Lines, positions, buttons, rinse, repeat


This week I wanted to explore sketching with the goal of being efficient, but also combining many of  the things Shiffman has taught us: creating objects, creating functions, using while loops, etc. The one thing I often struggle with when sketching is positions and making use of functions like map().

I kept my objective simple and wanted to use a series of lines that I could recreate with a simple while loop. Afterwards, I wanted to code a slider which the assignment called for. Shiffman’s example was helpful since I reused a lot of the code, but doing so helped me understand the basics of map. However, I wanted to change it up and instead of mapping the slider to color I opted to map the slider to a position of an object.

I quickly hit a roadblock, but pairing with Jenny was incredibly helpful since she quickly pointed out that the position of my object was not exactly where I thought it was. Once we figured this out, she was able to help me debug and create new variables which allowed me to properly map the slider.

Another revelation that came from doing this assignment which I quickly realized annoyed me — the ordering of your functions and drawing of things matter. Ugh.

Code here.


ICM – Me, Myself, and Computation

I feel lucky knowing that I lived in a time before web 2.0 or mobile phones really took off. I’m specifically thinking about a time when there were rotary phones, dial-up connections, and illegal pirating of music via napster. I say this because it directly impacted how I interacted with computers. And I truly believe it helped mold my thinking about computing and using it as a tool.

From the days of playing around with Geocities, I was always interested in how typing lines of a foreign language can translate to a creation on this new thing called the web. Fast forward many years and I’m finally realizing that scripting languages can create anything from fan pages to billion dollar companies. It’s that range that I want to explore with computation.

This term I hope to explore projects that range from creating beautiful visualizations to feeling confident that I can write scripts to help automate menial tasks. I’d also hope to take it a step further and learn how to marry both computational media and physical computing. This is an area I’ve only admired from afar, but now can actually explore myself.

Truthfully, projects I love stem from a teacher’s assistant I had from my undergraduate years, Jono Brandel. He’s work spans across graphic design and computer programming in ways that really stuck with me.

In terms of my sketch — I’m not proud of it, but I got my feet wet is all I care about. The coordinates system is something that I’m still trying to get a hang off. It’s tough to think in multi-dimensions and layers when I’m coding. The web editor I think is a fantastic tool. It was so responsive to my varying inputs that my computer’s fan began to really take-off since it was using a lot of memory. If anything this purely highlights that my computer is old.


Did you post any issues to github? Not sure since I’m about to try…

Stay tuned.