Judgemental Mirror

What if for every mirror that you looked into, someone else was looking right at you? For our mid-term Anastasios and I decided to make a judgemental mirror. Essentially, we wanted to build something that detected when an individual was in front of this “mirror.” Then we’d take a snapshot and crowdsource the image using the Mechanical Turk API. After rendering what people describe what you’re wearing, we’d play it back to you. With Halloween right around the corner, we thought about this in the context of judging people’s costumes. Here’s a sketch of our original idea:


Realizing we didn’t have much time for the project, we focused on the experience we wanted to create then broke it into smaller parts that were doable. Additionally, we wanted to make sure we incorporated some Halloween theme to it.

Our biggest challenge for this project was using the TTL Serial Camera, which neither of us have worked with before. We were unsure of the output via serial, so that was our first task.


After looking at a few tutorials, it was apparent that many tutorials assumed we’d want to save to an SD card module, which is what we did not want to do. This was partly because we wanted to have a stand alone project and also upload the sketch to some webpage which could save the inputs from our source of judgers. I quickly coded up what this webpage could be:


Anastasios was able to figure out a way to take the JPEG images from the TTL serial camera, run a script, and display it in a p5 sketch. Knowing this was the biggest challenge, we then started thinking about LEDs and proximity sensors which would add to the interaction. The following images are of us testing the different components and eventually putting it together.

img_3488 img_3490



In the end, we presented a variation of our idea. Neither Anastasios or I took fabrication this semester, so we found this part to be the hardest. Handling the multiples wires & sodering of wires was challenging for us. Overall, it was a good learning experience and happy with what were accomplished in a short amount of time.

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