ICM — Lines, positions, buttons, rinse, repeat


This week I wanted to explore sketching with the goal of being efficient, but also combining many of  the things Shiffman has taught us: creating objects, creating functions, using while loops, etc. The one thing I often struggle with when sketching is positions and making use of functions like map().

I kept my objective simple and wanted to use a series of lines that I could recreate with a simple while loop. Afterwards, I wanted to code a slider which the assignment called for. Shiffman’s example was helpful since I reused a lot of the code, but doing so helped me understand the basics of map. However, I wanted to change it up and instead of mapping the slider to color I opted to map the slider to a position of an object.

I quickly hit a roadblock, but pairing with Jenny was incredibly helpful since she quickly pointed out that the position of my object was not exactly where I thought it was. Once we figured this out, she was able to help me debug and create new variables which allowed me to properly map the slider.

Another revelation that came from doing this assignment which I quickly realized annoyed me — the ordering of your functions and drawing of things matter. Ugh.

Code here.


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